Sunday, January 14, 2007

More Photos and Extracts from a Letter

Following on from the previous posting, more of that batch of photographs. The third is after we came home after travelling a lot in December to find the place covered in weeds that had sprouted dramatically due to the heavy rains. It's like a jungle now, so there is lots of work to be done.

The fourth is just me with a few stunned children taken about a month ago, (have you noticed I'm losing weight).

And finally I have added a picture of me with 4A, my G/S (general studies, things like science and humanities) class, taken at the end of the year.

(in a letter to Matt's father - dated October 24th
but not received until January 12th)
I feel great pride in telling you I was right about what this
experience is doing for me. My perception and understanding
of the opportunity to come here were probably the only parts
of me functioning properly before I got on that plane.
A good thing too, as, without those, I would still
be plugged into the media and growing more and
more restless...........There have not been the intense
dramatics I thought might happen. Instead I arrived
with almost uncontrollable excitement
which has been steadily replaced by utter contentment
to go with my improving physicality, my new friends
and total glee or just being here.........News from your end
does seem a little strange, but, to be honest, home
does not seem all that far away. I think this is
because of the context in looking at this year in relation
to my life.....I see that a year is really a very short
time and I intend to live it properly. So I can't
imagine being homesick, because I know all those things
at home are there waiting for me when I return.
But my priority is here!


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