Sunday, March 18, 2007

Filling in the gaps!

There's much catching up to be done - many photos to be got onto the page, but this post seems willing only to take three!
The first, as far as I can make out from Matt's letter, is of Liwonde National Park - though it looks more like my son doing a bit of gardening somewhere. The second is of "a filthy cockroach", should anyone need telling; and the third (a snap that should have been posted months ago) of Donal, Matt's mate from Project Trust, and a friend whose name I was given, but can't find the letter to confirm.
(You'll see that this blog is at the mercy of many things, mostly to do with my inability to get the technology in line with my memory and organisation. Now, however, with the arrival by post of much more information, I may in the near future be able to lay the site out with more assurance! - Greg - Matt's dad.)


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