Sunday, March 18, 2007

Trying to get up to date!

(Maybe I'm getting the hang of this now!. ) Matt's comment on this snapshot is:
'This is of Donal and me sitting on a fallen tree over a pool of a waterfall near Chimoio, Mozambique.' (A trip they made over Christmas, I think!) 'The woman who ran The Pink Paiya - the backpackers' place we were staying in - took us on this daytrip up to these huge hills. It was really good to see so many trees. Unfortunately Malawi suffers greatly from deforestation.'
In a later e-mail, Matt adds:
"That photo" (one I had put down to being taken in Liwonde National Park - though uncertain at the time) is actually of a nusery near the house that I have been buying flowers and herbs from." Another photo, actually of Liwonde, "the one with the stream and the two canoes" hasn't surfaced yet. Referring to it, though: "Samuel and I went on a canoe safari. It was really something. We must have seen over a hundread hippos - one even chased us in a rather exciting/terrifying moment. Even a crocodile swam past us. As it was the rainy season most of the other animals were hiding in the bush though. I shall have to go back in the dry season, why did you never tell how much it rains in Africa? it's ridiculous. Anyway I have attached a few more photos, one I thought I had sent with Joseph "the soldier" from 3b. One is of me holding a birthday greeting to Matt Stoffel, slighty off topic for the blog but it is a good picture of the kids, and I can't remember what the other one's of."

The e-mail finishes: "I am really in a great mood today - when I am with the teachers and especially the kids at school i feel very happy, and, when they are behaving, incredibly relaxed also. "
I now have loads of photos, pupils' drawings and a long letter to transpose! Next post - and a few posts after, I guess!


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