Monday, March 19, 2007

Catching up on yesterday's blog

The last of the photos received by e-mail from Matt a week or so back.
"This is of me and Joe Nyauti (a teacher at the school) inside a Nyasaland bus on a visit to the surprisingly excellent little museum in Chichiri"
Other news from the same e-mail:
" School is going well, even if it does knacker me out. All the ideas about travelling and instilling loads of new ideas into this place have faded little by little. This is not however negative in any way. It's just that holding everything in place, all the housework, schoolwork and bits of socialising fill more time than I have. This is fine though and it means I'm learning about a lot more than just Africa I can tell you.
"We've just had mid-term tests at school which meant composing tests for seven subjects and now marking several hundred papers. Also, as I'm a class-teacher for 4A, I have to compile their results for all subjects and then put them in a big neat box for the exams officer. I am going to fall into a deep sleep that will last a month when I come back.
"Which reminds me - I will have been gone from England six months tomorrow; and the day after that I will have been in Malawi six months - over half our stay as we're coming back on August 18th.
"Has life been bearable without me? I wonder if this place has changed me and if it will be noticeable back in Europe?"
Now I have a long letter from Matt, and more photos and various drawings done by his pupils to scour through. All of which I shall leave for the next few postings!


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