Tuesday, August 29, 2006

At the Airport

Bank holiday Friday, August 25th - severe traffic jams promised at Heath Row - but not the way it turned out at Terminal Four. Matt and his family met early and enjoyed a meal together. Then the queues started, for checking in and waiting to go through Security. Our last picture of Matt was a smiling, arms-waving one as he passed into the Secure area. His flight was first to Nairobi and then to Lillongwe and Blantyre, where he was to arrive at 6.30 local time on August 26th. Now we wait for first news of his arrival and settling in on Malawi soil.
Here is a photo of Matt at the airport, dead keen to get away.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Welcome To My Glob

Hello everyone,

This is just a quick intro to my site, which my dear old Dad back in Blighty will update with some photos and letters that i'll be sending him over the year. I would like to thank all the wonderful people who helped me raise the money to get here, you know who you are, so cheers and i hope you enjoy the site.
I would especially like to thank the guys at Wimborne and Ferndown Lions, The Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust and The Alchemy Foundation, without their help I'd be severely panicking right now.

(Matt can be written to at: Matthew Reeve, c/o St Theresa Private School, PO Box 30257, Chichiri, Blantyre 3, Malawi, Central Africa.)